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Welkom op de website van mijn praktijk als zelfstandig gevestigd psychiater/groepstherapeut in Amsterdam.

Op deze site vindt u meer informatie over mijn profiel, voor wie mijn (psycho)therapie geschikt is, wat mijn behandeling inhoudt, welke werkwijze ik als psychiater aanhoud en hoe u met mij in contact kunt komen.

De praktijk werkt samen met PEP Psychologen en behandeling vindt plaats volgens de normen en richtlijnen van de psychiatrische beroepsvereniging.

Neem gerust contact met mij op voor meer informatie of om u aan te melden voor een eerste gesprek.

De praktijk is gevestigd aan de Ruysdaelstraat in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.

C.A. de Vries, psychiater | Amsterdam

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De psychiater

Informatie over mijzelf en mijn werkervaring vindt u hier.

C.A. de Vries, psychiater | Amsterdam

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Psychiatrist in Amsterdam

C.A. (Kees) de Vries, psychiatrist 

Thank you for visiting my website. I am an English-speaking psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice in Amsterdam, located near the Concertgebouw.
I have a full professional registration in the Netherlands.

I offer psychotherapy and psychiatric medication management / psychopharmacology.

In my office, I see people age 18 and over for a wide variety of reasons.  Perhaps you already know or suspect that you have a history of depression, anxiety, insomnia, or post-traumatic stress; or perhaps you are struggling with issues in school, work, a relationship, a life transition, a loss or illness. Or perhaps you have been receiving psychiatric medication from a primary care doctor and would like a specialist’s opinion about whether it is the best approach for you.  I can help with all these situations.

When we first make contact I will try to get a sense of your needs, and the degree of urgency.  If it is clear to me that I will not be the best person to help you, I will let you know that and suggest alternate resources. Otherwise, we will schedule an initial meeting.  Often I am able to see new clients within two weeks, depending on your own flexibility.

An initial consultation lasts about 60 minutes.  This meeting serves several purposes: it gives you a chance to describe what has led you to seek my assistance; it gives me an opportunity to learn about your background, lifestyle, and relationships; and perhaps most importantly, it gives both of us the opportunity to assess whether we will be a “good fit”.

Depending on the situation and your level of comfort, I will often suggest one or more additional meetings to follow closely behind the initial consultation.  These give us a chance to understand more about the context of your difficulties. After this, most clients continue seeing me in one of two broad capacities: either as therapy clients (often with concurrent medication management), or for medication management alone (either seeing a different person for psychotherapy, or without therapy at all).

For more information or to make an appointment please click here.

C.A. de Vries, psychiatrist | Amsterdam

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C.A. de Vries, psychiater in Amsterdam

 Ruysdaelstraat 49A1
1071 XA Amsterdam




C.A. de Vries, psychiater | Amsterdam

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Wees alert op de coronavirus-voorschriften.  Bij virus klachten kunnen we onze afspraak omzetten in beeldbellen.

Be alert on coronavirus regulations. In case of virus symptoms we can change our appointment in a video call.

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Wees alert op de coronavirus-voorschriften.  Bij virus klachten kunnen we onze afspraak...
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